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  • Bio AKE Perfect Skin System


    Detox Cleanser is Specifically formulated for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin

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  • BioAké formulated for Acne Prone Skin


    BioAké Perfectionist (5-in-1) face cream is the ultimate solution for combination, oily and acne prone skin

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  • Fisionerv

    • Diabetic neuropathy affects 50% of diabetic patients, it is one of the earliest and most common complications of diabetes 
    • 41% of chronic low back pain is due to neuropathic pain.
    • Pain, numbness and trembling that affect extremities is usually a result of neuropathy .
    • Available treatments today are centered on pain reduction without improvement in function and they have many side effects which affect quality of life
    • Fisionerv has no side effects as it is a topical treatment . It reduces pain and also , it has a role in treating neuropathy.
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  • Hemopran Cleanser


    Hemopran Cleansing Perianal Area for the area around the anus Thanks to its formula, it cleans the sensitive area around the anus and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being, relieving itching. Recommended for daily use, even for the sensitive skin of children and the elderly. It does not alter the natural balance of the outer sensitive area and protects against bacterial attacks

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  • Hemopran Protective Endorectal Suppositories


    why prescribe Hemopran Suppositories?

    Safe and effective formulations for the treatment of internal hemorrhoid symptoms ( itching, burning and pain) as well as anal fissures.
    Prevent and treat hemorrhoids in a natural way.
    Possibility of prolonged use for people prone to replace and for pregnant women.

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  • Lecoxen


    Lecoxen is the best choice for your family as it helps you effectively and quickly heal scars, wounds and burns by remodeling the skin texture.
    It also helps with healing, supports tissue regeneration and protects against irritation and inflammation.
    It allows to maintain a suitable environment in the area surrounding the skin, making it the best choice for protecting your family.
    It is also rich in antioxidants that magically speed up wound healing.
    Lecoxen is safe because its ingredients are natural and can be used without consulting a doctor.

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  • Bio ASM 01 Face & Body Cleanser


    Skin cleanser
    Face and body
    Suitable for daily use
    Suitable for dry and very dry skin

    Bio ASM 01 cleanser removes all impurities from the face, moisturizes your skin, protects it from dryness and does not cause any side effects.

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  • Bio ASM 24 Cream


    An intense protective cream
    Fit for face and body
    Critical areas – severe symptoms

    Bio ASM 24 Anti-inflammatory Cream treats dry skin and revitalizes your complexion

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  • Bio ASM Oil Shampoo for Dry Scalp


    Bio ASM for dry scalp shampoo is the first oil shampoo in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reduce scalp dandruff and restore the watery oily layer thanks to its unique ingredients in its ideal effect, and it also moisturizes your scalp and hair after drying

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  • Bio ASM Oil Shampoo for Greasy Hair


    Bio ASM for greasy hair shampoo is the first oil shampoo in the Kingdom that works to cleanse and purify your oily scalp and reduce your itchy feeling from the first time, as it is rich in proteins and vitamins to nourish capillaries to restore the strength of your youthful hair

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  • Bio ASM Oil Shampoo Reinforcing


    Bio ASM Reinforcing shampoo is the first oil shampoo in the Kingdom that has a strong and wonderful effect on reducing hair loss in a short period of time, and it also helps you clean the scalp completely, also an effective treatment to eliminate substances that clog the follicles and it eliminates dandruff completely.● Ceramide, which gives hair an attractive appearance and strengthens it
    Grape seed
    ● jojoba oil
    ● Bisabolol

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  • DermoXEN Ultra-Calming


    Dermoxine Intensive Care – the first feminine lotion for diabetics, and it is the ideal solution for the prevention and care of common gynecological problems and diseases among diabetic patients, as it eliminates the dryness of sensitive areas, saves you from unpleasant odors, and treats dyspareunia.
    It helps you live a pleasant life, and in harmony with yourself and your partner.

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  • Hemopran


    Hemopran is a safe and natural solution that protects and treats internal and external hemorrhoids at home, as it has a protective layer and lubricant, prevents common irritations resulting from friction, and relieves pain, burning and itching in the case of hemorrhoids, and is free from cortisone derivatives, dyes and synthetic fragrances, and because it is of natural ingredients, it is suitable for use for Long periods without consulting a doctor, it is also recommended for pregnant women.

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  • Bio ASM Relip Cream


    A treatment to restore the skin’s lipid layer and protect against wrinkles
    Fit for face and body

    The appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and acne will be your last concern if you get now BIO ASM REALIP Cream

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