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Bio-Rmedi Corporation is concerned with privacy issues, and wants you to be aware of the way we collect, use, and disclose information. This privacy policy explains our practices regarding the information that we or our service providers collect through the website or through network property (including, for example, mobile applications or mobile website) that we operate and manage, and from which Through it you can access this Privacy Policy (each of which is referred to as the “Site”). Your submission of your personal information to us or your use of this website constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Data collection

Information you provide to us

In some parts of this site, you may be required to provide your personal information in order to be able to benefit from certain features (such as brochures, subscriptions, tips / tips, or order processing) or to participate in a specific activity (such as promotions). You will be notified about what information will be required and which will be optional.

In addition, we may associate the information you provide with other information that we have obtained from you, whether or not you were online, including – for example – your purchase history. Also, we may associate this information with information about you that we obtain from other sources, such as companies operating under the name Puremedi, publicly available sources of information (this includes information obtained from your social media files, which is available to the public), and third parties. Other.

Indirect collection and use of information

Whenever you move around the site, certain information can be collected indirectly (that information is collected without you being in a state of actually providing the information), using multiple technologies. We and our third-parties – the service providers – collect and use information indirectly, in a number of ways, including:

Through your browser: Certain information is collected by most browsers, such as the MAC address, the type of computer (Windows or Macintosh), the screen resolution, the operating system version, and the type and version of the Internet browser. Likewise, we may collect similar information, such as the type and specificity of your device, if you access the site through a mobile device.
Using cookies: Cookies are some pieces of information that are stored directly on your computer that you are using. Cookies allow us to collect information such as the type of browser, the time you have spent on the site, the pages you have visited, and your language preferences. We and our service providers use the information for security purposes, to facilitate navigation, display information more efficiently, and to make your experience unique and personal while you use the site. In addition, we use cookies to identify your computer or device, which makes your use of the site easier, such as remembering the items in your shopping cart. In addition, we use cookies to collect statistical information about website usage, with the aim of continuously improving its design and operation, understanding how individuals use it, and to help us answer questions about it. Cookies also allow us to choose which of our advertisements or offers are those that are most likely to like you, and to show them while you are on the site. Also, we may also use cookies in internet ads to track customer responses to our ads.